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Beau'd NOT Broken!

I was blessed and honored to spend an afternoon talking about life, the book, and perspectives with one of my most treasured mentors, Beau Babka. Beau is a former Utah Congressional Candidate, Professional NFL Player, Utah’s Chief of Police, A Teacher, and my favorite mentor.

Beau and I met at a domestic violence charity event years and years ago. We instantly became close friends and I continued to be marveled by his loving heart.

His philosophy in life is that it is all about the BEND! Which depicts him. He has had so many experiences that should have broken him, but instead it “Beau’d” him.

“I believe we are all powerful beyond measure. Everyone has their own individual and unique experiences from which the stories of life evolve, and none more or less important than others. I hope you choose to join me in making this world a better place. Let’s tell and share our experiences, perspectives, insights, and personal stories while promoting continued belief in humanity. None of us are broken, even when we feel we are. Just remember . . . it’s all about the BEND!” ~Beau Babka

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