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Dayna Linton

Dayna Linton - Agent for Jyl London

Dayna Linton is a Book Producer, Self Publishing Agency, and Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Dayna is skilled in Film, Fiction, Editing, Public Speaking, and Journalism. Strong arts and design professional who graduated from Brigham YoungUniversity – Idaho.

“Dayna is a mastermind in her field and such a joy to work with on a book. She does it all from suggesting fonts, manuscripts, advertising, social media, eBooks, and more. I don’t know what I would do without her helping me and introducing me to all the secrets. .”

~Jyl London

Copyediting, Proof-reading, Dev Edits

Sean Linton

Sean Linton is an English teacher by trade and a book enthusiast by hobby. He is a freelance editor that can provide proof-reading, copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing services.

I am a new Author. I was so excited when I finished my book. However, when it was crunch time I felt like it needed new eyes and editing. Sean knew my deadline and finished it in record time. His weekly feedback did not disappoint. He asked for creative writing examples, formatting changes, and more. Sean made my daunting task of editing easier with his insight. He was great with his advice and helped me gain confidence in investing in my story. Best decision I have made in getting my book to the next step!”

~Jyl London

Sean Linton - Book Editor
Line and Development Editing

Peggy Sue Wood

Peggy Sue Wood - Behind the Fake Smile - Author Jyl London

Peggy Sue Wood is an up-and-coming freelance editor. She provides proofreading, copyediting, line editing, and developmental editing services. Her educational background is in creative writing, publishing, and English literature. You can view her work on, where she has collected samples of her writing skills and a taste of her educational background. She especially enjoys working with self-publishing authors and has varied experience in most forms of publishing, from comics to magazines and news to traditional novel writing. Peggy is always looking to advance her skills to help her clients improve their story and make it as close to their dreams as possible.

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