Excerpt from the book, Behind Tear-Stained Eyes – Cut Chapters

Finally, it was New Year’s Eve, and she felt like she was going to be able to move past all that had happened in the year. She was thrilled to have Carter for the holiday and agreed to attend a kid-friendly party at a friend’s house. Carter, upon arrival at the party, immediately ran downstairs to play with the other kids. She followed him and said hello to all of her friends.

She went upstairs and looked out the window at the hot-tub. She let out a happy sigh and thought, I would love to have a glass of wine by myself and look at the stars from the hot tub. She poured a glass of wine and change into her swimsuit. 

As she was walking down the hall from the bathroom to go outside post-changing clothes, she ran into a guy named, Richard. 

He looked her up and down in her bikini and said, “Wow.”

He wasn’t her normal type at all. He was balding, his demeanor and stature seemed to be more of a nerdy and insecure guy, and his overall feel just didn’t inspire attraction. Her normal type was confident, charming, outgoing, and harder to get than Richard who was so openly fawning over her figure. The only thing Richard had in common with her type was that he had some muscles and was taller than her. She gave him a curt smile in return as she bypassed him for the hot-tub.

“You are lovely. Are you going to the hot-tub?” Richard exclaimed as she went passed him.

She laughed. “Well, thank you. I am going to the hot-tub. I want to gaze at the stars and relax a little while I have a moment alone,” she told him, hoping he’d take a hint. 

“Do you care if I join you?” he asked. Actually, I do, she thought, but this wasn’t her house and it was open to everyone so what could she say?

“Of course not,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “But I hope you brought a swimsuit because I just met you. I like to wait until at least the third time before I see people in their underwear.” He seemed confused, she laughed and pointed to the bathroom and said, “Are you going to get a swimsuit on or not?” The comment startled Richard, and he hurried to the bathroom to change.

A short while later, Richard appeared in the backyard with his own drink in hand. She introduced herself, “I’m Chelsea and my son, Carter, is downstairs playing with the other kids.”

“Richard,” he said as he settled into the water across from her. He seemed like an overall nice guy as they talked tech for a short while and looked at the stars. After an hour or so, she got up and said, “I’m going to go check on my rugrat and look at the time. This hot-tub is making me tired and it’s way past my bedtime.”

Richard nodded his head and followed her out, agreeing that it was late. 

She changed back into her clothes and quickly found Carter. They sat and played a few games until he snuggled up next to her on the couch. At the stroke of midnight, Carter was asleep on her lap and Richard was on the other seat next to Chelsea. When midnight was announced, she leaned over and kissed Richard. He jumped a little in shock, which she laughed from the usual reaction she received.

“It was just a peck, dude. Relax! People kiss grandparents like that,” she said, laughing at him, which made him instantly blush and smile. Maybe it was okay to consider a guy like Richard as he seemed gentle. It would be a welcomed change from her usual. Plus, this year she was turning 40 years old and she swore she would make it count.

The next day she saw a message from him on her social media.


“Chels, I don’t have anyone that will come with me to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas. Please say that you can come. I’m sick of all of my birthdays being boring. I want a fun one with my best girl,” Monica begged.

Chelsea laughed, “Well, remind me of the dates. My mom is having back surgery, so it can’t be during her hospital time, but if it is when she is in a rehabilitation center for the month, so if during that, I can sneak away and celebrate with you.”

“End of January,” Monica replied.

“Ok, that will work. We will have fun celebrating your birthday. I did say this year I was going big,” Chelsea replied.

“You seriously are my best friend! Thank you, and I’ll book the flights,” Monica stated.

“Sounds good. I’ll book the hotels, and we will reconcile afterward. I still should have my member points from my MBA travel,” Chelsea said.

“Perfect. Oh! I want to hear all about this new guy you started to date. I need someone new because, after Chris, I feel so alone. I just need to lose weight and get back on track,” Monica declared.

They talked for about an hour on the specifics for the Vegas birthday plans and in between Chelsea told Monica all about Richard. 

Weeks went by after that, and Chelsea handled things with work and her mom’s surgery so that she could go and celebrate Monica’s birthday. 

Richard was introduced to Monica, and Chelsea was excited that they seemed to hit it off when he took them both to the airport for Monica’s birthday trip.

Over the course of the trip, Chelsea began feeling sick. At first, she thought it was a cold or something similar. Perhaps the stress-induced flu that popped up from all the things going on with her mother or, even, Monica being an all-about-me person. I know that she doesn’t have many friends, and I am the only one that rearranged my schedule to be with her, she thought as Monica got upset with her for wanting to stay in bed on their second to last day of the trip. 

“Monica, I’m really not well. Go have fun without me for a bit,” she said trying to will Monica out. Eventually, Monica relented and Chelsea was able to rest. Chelsea was shaking, fevered, and felt faint. 

“When I get home, I’m going to Urgent Care,” she said as they boarded the plane back. Monica just nodded her head in agreement as they got on. While on the plane, Monica convinced Chelsea that they needed to do another Vegas trip, this time with more people. Chelsea, who felt weak, agreed, hoping that a new trip where she didn’t feel so sick.

When Chelsea arrived back home, she called for a taxi to drive her to Urgent Care, not bothering to unpack or change clothes. 

Upon arrival at the Urgent Care, the doctors and nurses did several tests. Later they got a wheel-chair and moved her into a private room. Flashes of how she was treated when she had thyroid cancer were weighing heavy on her.

“Please tell me that it didn’t come back 18 years later?” she kept saying over and over in her head. She looked at her phone and saw a text from Richard. “Baby, you didn’t tell me if you are home safe. You never told me and I feel like you never see me. Will I see you tonight still?

She replied back to Richard’s text, “Yes, I’m home safe, and I’m fine. I have the flu. I’m at the doctor’s now, so I can’t see you tonight.” She didn’t want to elaborate on her suspicions and fears. The relationship was too new.

“But, you never see me.” Richard texted, and she read the text in a needy and whiny tone.

Oh, my God! Dude, it has been two weeks. A little soon to whine to me about not seeing me. I feel like hell, and I might be going through a lot right now, she thought as she put her phone on do not disturb.

The nurses drew blood. An hour later, the doctor came in and said, “I am concerned with your levels. The technician is going to take you to do an ultrasound and an MRI.” Chelsea nodded and laid back on the bed to rest her eyes…


Chelsea was unable to move, and the ground was shaking beneath her feet. She saw a person riding a horse and called out to them, “Help me!”

The horseman looked at her and yelled back, “You know how! Look within for answers.”

“What do you mean I know how? I can’t move off the ground without it crumbling below my feet,” she said in a panic and moved slightly to watch the ground drop further down until she couldn’t see the horseman.

I know how? What does that mean I know how? she thought.

She looked around and couldn’t see a way out. As she moved, the ground dropped even lower. She looked at her feet planted on the ground.

“Maybe I should just see if the wall moves” She touched the soil wall and watched it move inward.

She gave it a hard push, and it opened up a meadow. She could see the waterfall, flower benches, and lush hills. She pounced from the crumbling ground and into the field.

“Ms. Hansen?” The doctor said as he entered the room. It startled her. “I’m sorry, did I wake you? Thank you for being so patient. We did the MRI and ultrasound already.”

“Yes. I must have fallen asleep. I am so drained lately,” Chelsea explained to the doctor.

“I would like you to go in for more tests. While we determined that you have Strep in your kidneys, we also found what seems to be a tumor on your cervix. We weren’t looking for it, but the technician found it by chance,” The doctor said with empathy.

“How can I have Strep? I don’t have tonsils. How on earth do you get Strep in your kidneys? Maybe it is just a cyst?” Chelsea asked.

The doctor paused and said, “It could be a cyst and that’s why I would like some more tests done. When examining your kidneys, the tumor was found. I’m going to keep you here for some tests overnight. Then I would like you to come in and follow-up with more tests if that is ok?”

“I just got back from Vegas today. Let me just text my son’s dad to watch him one more night,” she sighed.

The next day they released her from the hospital, and she felt better than she had for a couple of weeks. 

She looked at her phone to see several messages from friends, but there was only one friend she wanted to share this news with and that was Jessica. She explained the trip and the events that had happened on the day she returned. She told her about finding out that the tumor was, in fact, cancerous.

Chelsea’s was spinning from the news when she received a group text message from her friend Zane that said, “Hey. We have hockey tickets tonight. Bring your kids.”

“Oh yes, Carter would love that. Now that I’m feeling better, I need to take him somewhere. I’ve had us both being homebodies,” she replied to the group.

She looked down and saw another message from Richard, “Are you getting a babysitter to come and see me tonight?”

She answered his message, “I’m sorry, but I’m in Ogden to see my mom, and now I’m going to take Carter to a hockey game with friends. Maybe I can see you tomorrow? I just can’t break away tonight or get a babysitter. It’s good for Carter to see his friends and my mom. You are welcome to come north and join us.

“I don’t feel like driving there. My best friend lost his job and I really need you around. You are never around. You always have something else going on, and I am not a priority,” Richard whined.

Chelsea sighed as she replied, “Well if you need me then you need to come out here and see me. If not, then next weekend I’ll see you for that event I have tickets for us to attend.”

Richard immediately text backed, “I can’t go to that event in a couple of weeks either, I heard it has people that are swingers. I can’t be around that group, if I go, I need you to give me hugs and kiss me. Make sure everyone knows that I am yours. When you get hit on, I need you to reassure me.”

Well, wow, Chelsea thought as her eyes rolled. We’ve only been dating for a few weeks, and he is throwing a tantrum because I’m not dropping everything to go and see him.

Chelsea was annoyed that Richard was making up something happening in the future. She didn’t care if there were swingers at an event. What people did was their choice, but her choice was not that. She liked Richard, but he would complain about everything.

Richard doesn’t know the pity party and stress. Shit in one year I have switched jobs, I have 150 employees, ten departments, broke off an engagement, almost killed, had $125k in debt from my ex’s business in my name, served by the FBI, a judgment from a hotel from my ex-husband just appeared on my credit that I am fighting, moved my family and now I have cancer, She felt like she was fuming at the thoughts of how clueless and dramatic her newest boyfriend was becoming. 

He feels like he isn’t a priority. Well, that is accurate, he isn’t a priority compared to everything else. It has only been a few weeks of us dating. I need someone that supports me and is positive and not needy and whiny. I’m waiting to answer that text message, she thought as she read the message over and over.

At the hockey game, she was sitting there cheering and trying to put on a fake smile for her friends but deep down she wanted to have a nervous breakdown. Monica looked over and said, “How’s Richard?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Needy!” she said as she handed over her phone to Monica.  All night Richard had been messaging her about how he couldn’t stand her ignoring him and her canceling on him.

Monica started to read and said, “Do you want me to respond? You need a break?”

“Sure. I can’t think of anything to say at the moment. If after three weeks, Richard is like this, then I’m certainly not the girl for him. I need major space to deal with some things,” Chelsea explained as Monica began typing back and forth with Richard.

Later Monica handed Chelsea’s phone back.  

“So?” Chelsea asked.

“Yes, definitely best if you eliminate that one. You dodged that bullet,” Monica replied. 

“Too bad I already bought the tickets for him to go to Vegas with us next time. That’s money wasted,” Chelsea said annoyed that he was never going to pay her back.

“Oh, speaking of Vegas again, will you get onto my social media and set up the event for me? I’ll text you my login. I can’t figure it out, and I know that you are an expert,” Monica asked.

“Of course, I will, but it might have to wait until after my birthday. Nobody looks at events a month or two in advance anyway. Plus, almost everyone has their tickets already. This event is just to lock down the trips plans,” Chelsea stated.



Jessica sat smiling across from Chelsea, pouring wine for them both. “Oh my God, Chels. It is our 40th year and your birthday weekend. Let’s have fun. After all, we are 40 years old, and we always said that we would do our 40th big. But did you have to go and get cancer right before? We don’t need quite that big,” Jessica chuckled as her voice was dripping with sarcasm. She handed Chelsea a wine glass.

“You are my favorite smart ass, Jess,” she said taking a sip. “Ok, let’s go gamble and have a little bit of fun. Leave the state for a night. Plus, you know that in six years you have never met Monica? How about we just have a small group and then we go to Wendover to celebrate another day? Then we can have a big party with everyone a couple of days before that?” Chelsea asked enthusiastically.

On the day of the party, Chelsea and some friends were picked up at Chelsea?s home in a limo and taken to the nearby club. At the club, Chelsea saw Monica and rushed over to give her a hug. After the hug, Chelsea pointed to Jessica and exclaimed, “Oh my God! It is about time you two meet. Jessica, this is Monica and Monica, this is Jessica.”

“Hi, Monica? it is nice to finally meet you,” Jessica said with excitement.

Monica looked Jessica up and down, and with sarcasm, said, “Nice to meet you.”

Monica then turned to Chelsea and looked her up and down. Then stated, “You realize this isn’t a dress-up bar, right?”

“Every bar is a dress-up bar, and I’d much rather dress up than down,” Chelsea said with a smile, brushing Monica’s comments off.

Jessica grabbed Chelsea and said, “Hey, let’s go to the ladies’ room.”

They go to the bathroom, and Jessica looked at Chelsea. Chelsea laughed, “You hate her, huh?” 

Jessica laughed too, “My Spidey senses say she is a complete bitch. But we don’t need my Spidey sense to see that she just acted like a complete bitch.”

“Well, she doesn’t have many friends. I try to be nice, but she is definitely bitchy. I think it is out of jealousy. She is struggling with her weight and an overall negative person,” Chelsea said. “Give her another chance, maybe she will be nicer after a couple of drinks. Fuck, I’ll buy the drinks.”

It didn’t matter how many drinks Monica was given. Everyone was coming to Chelsea asking who the bitchy girl was that was glaring at everyone in disgust, “Who’s the sour face on her phone all night?”

Chelsea decided that Monica’s jealousy and lousy attitude were not going to affect her 40th birthday party and she would reply, “she must be having a bad day, she is nice when you get to know her.” 

Chelsea did have to admit that Monica was definitely not putting in the effort after what Chelsea put in for her birthday in Vegas. She had spent thousands, got a babysitter, scheduled a ride for them, left her mom after back surgery, was sick with Strep in her kidneys, and found out that she had cancer afterward.

Although in Monica’s defense, she was never told about the day that we came home or my cancer. She did know about everything else I was sacrificing. Not that she cared, because that chick is all about her. As everyone in the bar is pointing out right now. My God, she is rude and on her phone a lot, Chelsea thought. I’m glad I never told her about cancer because only my four closest friends know. She isn’t that close to me. She is more like a negative project, which is reminding me why nobody likes her.

The limo took them home, “I definitely did my 40th right. Oh my! I don’t know how I’m supposed to go to a hotel, gamble, and party tomorrow. I’m exhausted,” Chelsea said to Jessica as they arrived back at Chelsea’s place.

The following day she prepared for Wendover, which was her last big celebration with friends. Monica was driving down with her friend’s husband, and they were staying in the same room.  

“I think it is weird that she invited her husband’s friend to my party and that they’re staying in the same room with him. After yesterday, my gut tells me that something is wrong with her. I highly doubt after this weekend we will be very close. She clearly doesn’t vibrate on our level, and staying with my friend’s husband in the same room makes me uneasy. I’ll just ignore her tonight if she is the same way again,” she told Jessica.

Monica was over the top, ignorant and rude to everyone.

“Please, can we just do dinner or something without her? She is a horrible human,” Jessica said in a moment alone with Chelsea. All of Chelsea’s close girlfriends were begging Chelsea to leave Monica behind.

“I can’t do that. Monica must be going through some internal battle, but I can’t stand being around her either. I’m sure with her attitude, she and her borrowed hubby will retire early anyway,” she explained.

Just as Chelsea predicted, Monica and her friend’s husband snuck off to retire early. “God, that makes me sick. Who does that to a friend? After this weekend and my party, I’m so over moving a mountain and watching her kick an anthill.”

“No re-Vegas then?” Jessica asked. 

“Definitely not,? Chelsea replied, “I’ll set it up for her, but I’m canceling my ticket.”


The next day, which was the day before Chelsea’s 40th birthday. Chelsea remembered that her future travel to Vegas was St. Patrick’s Day. “Oh shit. I still haven’t logged into Monica’s account to schedule the event. Of course, she wants it under her name. Not like it matters, but whatever. Monica is so technically challenged. Who can’t set up an event?” Chelsea said out loud as she grabbed her laptop to login.

She logged in with the credentials that Monica gave her and began setting up the event. She was adding the details to the event when a message popped up from Richard. “That’s so weird, why on earth would Richard message Monica? Well, maybe they both have a negative, drama club and need to discuss their next meeting,” she said, laughing at her comment as she clicked on his message. 

“Oh, my God! Did he just ask about me? They have been talking about me?” Chelsea said as she scrolled up to the first message that morning and read:

“Don’t feel bad, you were likely just Mr. January. Chelsea dates a ton of men, and you didn’t know what she was all about, but her friends all know. She loves all men to fall all over her, and then she breaks their hearts. Most men just pine over here for years, like Jake, who you met a couple of weeks ago. She led you on and then had no time for you. I have time for you. You will be a priority in my life,” Monica wrote.

“If we decide that we can’t curb this strange attraction and we decide to go out, is this going to bother anyone?” Richard asked.

“lol. I’m not sure how it would all go over,” Monica replied.

“It’s hard for me because my trust was betrayed. My heart was not up for grabs, and Chelsea just had to have it. Probably because it was unavailable and then she crushed it. Not cool.” Richard whined.

Chelsea’s mouth went wide open, “Oh, my God! What the fuck is this? Monica, you little bitch. No wonder Jessica hated you. She could feel your betrayal. Jessica is definitely gifted, and then I started to feel it. It looks like it wasn’t just a bad day. You are a bad friend,? Chelsea screamed out loud. She stopped reading the messages and screenshot them to send to Jessica and the other women that Monica was bashing via her messages from the starting point.

They had begun speaking on the night of the hockey game when Chelsea and Richard had broken up. One that stood out, in particular, was a message where they talked about meeting up for a movie-date, “Oh, my God! This was just the week before my birthday party. I have read enough. Clearly, Monica is feeding him lies but then was at that same time was telling me all the things that he was saying. She is a complete and absolutely bitch. Then there is Richard, oh my God! Could you be any more dramatic? It was three damn weeks that we dated. MY HELL. Now I know why your name is Richard. You are a dick and a chick,? Chelsea was saying out loud to the computer screen as she read on.

She put her computer away, but after 30 minutes, her curiosity was too much, and she continued to read.

Richard and Monica had continued messaging all day. She picked up where she had left off, 

Richard: “Stan messaged me last night, and you are all so grounded and awesome. He’s not afraid to call bullshit when he sees it. I’m not sure Chels is going to like the fact that I have been “kept,” but I don’t care.”

Monica: “Yeah, I talked to him till 11 pm last night about the whole situation. He’s like I do not really like Chelsea anymore. Me too, though. She just is not a great influence and the way she treated you.”

Richard: “I am still floored by everyone’s honest evaluation and an outpouring of support. You all barely know me.?

Monica: “Honestly you’re a much better friend. So, who cares what she thinks?”

Richard: “How did you figure that out so fast? I am a great friend and a really nice guy.” Richard typed back.

Monica: “There is a lot of fakeness with Chelsea, beyond the tattooed makeup and acrylic nails? it is not hard to see that.”

Richard: “I feel like a fool for falling for her. What was I thinking?”

Monica: “She’s good at what she does. You couldn’t have known. PS Thanks for the compliment on my photo. You rock.” 

With a break for lunch, Chelsea read on,

Monica: “I hope you have a better tomorrow! I love your post about taking away the lessons and becoming your best you. But don’t take all the blame for the demise of your relationship. She has her own issues, and there are many reasons she is not on YOUR level, and you should have been the one to walk away. Besides if you are truly “in love” with someone you aren’t supposed to leave their side, right? Not trying to get up in your business. I just think you are a nice person and I don’t want you to be manipulated into thinking it’s all because of your issues. K. I’m done. LOL. Have a perfect day. Love ya!” 

Richard: “Thanks, Monica, but I got my ass ripped by Bridget that this is all my fault. I’m struggling with myself, I can’t believe I didn’t see all the warning signs. They were all right there in front of me. I know I was wrongly labeled and blamed, but I do have confidence issues. Working on those. So, I’m bolder and inspiring people.”

Monica: “What?!? What does Bridget know? She barely knows Chelsea. It’s not your fault. I hate to talk bad about people, but Chelsea’s actions have been very immature lately and selfish, and she has her own insecurities. She talks about not wanting to be controlled, and yet she wanted complete control of your guys’ relationship. Like if you crossed these boundaries, she was gone. Boundaries are healthy in some cases, but you just wanted to spend time with her. To be special to her. Love doesn’t come with conditions. You weren’t her priority.”

Chelsea shook her head, captured the continued conversation for the girls in the group chat, “Well, you both get to know what it is like to be without me. You will get your karma. Have fun in that victim loop with no friends. My God and Monica is the one that dumped Richard from my phone. You two should date and have little dramatic dicks everywhere. Pathetic!”


Around a week later, Chelsea pulled up her email to see an email from the devil herself, Monica asking about the hotel confirmations for the St. Patrick’s Day Event in Vegas. 

She has so much nerve to act all nice and fake to my face. Silence is such a powerful response. She truly is a horrible human, Chelsea thought. I’m replying back. I already paid her for my flight, and I paid for the hotel. I’m not doing this dog and pony show. This is the last thing that I’m ever going to say to that bitch.

Chelsea replied, “I did, but it has come to my attention that you have been a terrible friend behind my back, and I am not that great of a friend to you, so it shouldn’t be any loss to you. Funny, because I have never said anything hurtful, rude or anything. Instead, I loved you and did everything for you. I think it is best if you stay somewhere else and do your own thing and I’ll have my friends stay there with me.”  

Chelsea’s friends definitely made sure that she felt the love on her actual 40th birthday, and she knew the next couple of weeks were too busy to worry about Monica or Richard. 


Another week had gone by, and she remembered that she had once invited Richard to an event as she was reviewing the details with Jessica. “Oh shit, I hope he doesn’t think it is ok to go. He was only invited because I was with him, and I don’t have time for Mr. Needy or Mr. Dramatic,” she told Jessica.

While they were still on the phone, Chelsea went online and removed his name from the guest list. She told the other host and he asked, “Do you want me to have security not let him in?”

Chelsea laughed out loud and wrote him back, “Nah, what idiot goes to an event that their ex is going to host and attend??

Chelsea then opened social media and saw that she was still logged into Monica’s and read Monica wrote to Richard, “I got this email last night from Chelsea. It sucks because I was just trying to help you and make sure she didn’t destroy your heart like she does all the others. I guess I just wish I knew what she knew,” 

“Throw me under the bus if you want. I’m feeling terrific; did you see the pictures I posted. I got them from my best friend last night and about shit. I look good,? Richard responded.

Monica: “Well, it is my fault. I was protecting you. I wish I knew all that she knew.”

Richard: “Well, I’m going to see her at the event she has tonight. So, wish me luck.”

Monica: “Are you sure you want to go? She likely was over you the second the send button was pushed. It is her M.O., you were just Mr. January.”

Following Chelsea’s read-through to Jessica, she said, “Fabulous. He is coming to the event that I’m helping to host, and he also stated that he is coming to Tami’s birthday. I can’t get out of either of them. I want to deck him and literally dropkick, Monica.”

“Chels, just ignore him or maybe you should tell him the reasons why. Maybe tell him what Monica is like,” Jess said.

Chelsea chuckled, “Nah. He’ll find out about Monica on his own, and she’ll get her karma. The idiot gave me her password and is talking shit about me, but damn right I have my eyeliner tattooed and gel nails. I like them both lots.”

Jess laughed, “She is a jealous bitch. Her thigh is as big as your entire body, and she is not cute, and as you know, her personality sucks. There is a reason that you have all your friends, and she can’t find a friend to be with her for her birthday. We will have fun tonight. I’ll talk to you soon and pick you up at seven.”

Chelsea was all ready for the event and didn’t care if Richard was going to throw his pity-party and tantrum there or not. She was not at the event for him. 

If he wants to see an ex that he dated for three weeks, more power to him. An ex-girlfriend that has lost all respect for him, well he can have fun with that. I see him in a totally different light. I know that Monica started it and fed him lies, but he was the jackass that believed her instead of just asking me. Be a real man and have balls enough to ask. Seriously, why do I pick these losers? Chelsea thought.

At the event, Bridget, Chelsea, Jensen, and Jessica were all talking and having a great time and in walked Richard. 

Bridget tapped Chelsea on the shoulder and said in laughter, “What a douche bag! Seriously the guy is an idiot.”

Chelsea grabbed her drink and gulped it. Several drinks in and a few hours later, Chelsea was fed up with having Richard watch her like a hawk all night from afar. “Alright. This is enough. I’m not going to watch him sulk in the corner and act like a victim. It was for three fucking weeks. Unlike him. I will say what I want and not hide in the corner and pout. I’m going to go talk to him,” she said to her friends as she stood up and walked over to him.

“Hi! Can we talk in private please?” Chelsea asked.

Richard stood up like a sad dog with a tail in between his legs and followed her down the hall. 

“Clearly there are issues between us, and I’m shocked that you showed up to my event. I’d like to stay friends, but I can’t do that knowing that you are saying things behind my back. It was just three weeks that we dated. I’ve had colds that have lasted longer than that,” Chelsea told him.

“Don’t you dare diminish what we had. What was I just Mr. January and this is your M.O.?” Richard responded.

“First, I’m a relationship girl and was in a 3-year relationship before you and a 4-year relationship before that. No clue what Mr. January is and what you mean by being my M.O. Second, there is so much going on in my life. I didn’t need the drama from you, so I asked to stop while the relationship was still new.”

“I have had stuff happen too, and I just wanted you close,” Richard whined.

“Oh, ya? So, your friend was laid off with a good severance. That is nothing compared to me finding out that I have Stage 3 Cancer. Stop complaining! You are not always the damn victim,” Chelsea blurted out and then sighed that she overshared with him. He is the last idiot I want to know those intimate and private details about me, she thought.

“You are telling me that you have cancer and that’s why you broke up?” Richard asked.

Chelsea continued to kick herself for spitting out private details, “It was lots of things. I have a lot going on in my life and I can’t take the drama. You lose it over a friend that lost their job. Hell, he got a new job right after. Also, case and point, this entire month you are on social media bitching about a girl you dated for three weeks. You are bitching to everyone that would listen to you on how mean I am because I broke your heart. You were talking marriage, dramatic and needy after just a few weeks of dating. Of course, I ran away.”

“What now you just want a booty call?” Richard asked.

“God! No, I don’t want anything from you. I was trying to clear the air so you wouldn’t keep staring at me from across the room like a creep, but it is obvious that I am better just not talking to you. Good luck with all your assumptions and bitching about me. You are proving my point,” Chelsea said as she walked off.

She went back to her friends, and they were all laughing when they saw Richard pack up his stuff and storm out the door to leave. “Ah, is he taking his ball and going home,” Jessica said, laughing. 

“You are assuming he has balls,” Another friend said, laughing more.


That night Chelsea walked into the house, curious to see what lovely things are being said about her, “Okay, Chelsea, this is the last time that you read this drama. Then it is time to block them both and move on.”

She was shocked to read that Richard had told Monica that Chelsea had cancer. She was even more shocked when she read, 

Monica: “I look forward to one day when this will be over. Just so you know, my intention was never to swoop in and steal you from her, but I didn’t want you to get used or hurt. You are the prize. She is not.”

Richard: “I just never expected these games from her. Even others that know her are shocked because she is pretty blunt and honest.” 

Monica: “She isn’t honest at all. Look at how she led you on that is not what an honest person does.” 

Richard: “I guess she has cancer and couldn’t take me being dramatic when she needed positivity in her life. That is what she said to me at the event.

Monica: “She likely doesn’t, or she would have told me. Must be for attention and if she does, Good, I hope she dies from it.

Richard: “I hate her. I want her to die of cancer. Nobody deserves it more. I’ve never liked her.” 

Monica: “Don’t we all. Lol. I have wished for it for years.” 

Tears welled up in Chelsea’s eyes, “Wow. They have just entered a new level of evil. They rather have me die than understand that I couldn’t date someone so dramatic.”  She logged out of Monica’s social media. She cleared the password that was saved, then she began to delete all messages, and photos of either Richard or Monica. 

When she was done, she got down on her knees and sobbed. “God, please help me to forgive them both. Help me to not think about the betrayal or the negative. I need positive for my healing. Help me to eliminate them from my life, mind, and heart. Prepare me for the year ahead and for my fight to live. God bless them to reap what they sow. I love you and thank you for continuing to help me with my struggles,” she cried.

As she was lying in bed later that night, she declared to herself before closing her eyes, “Not everyone deserves your kindness, some people deserve your silence.”

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