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A fictional book series based on real-life events. This story goes through the life of a woman, Chelsea Hansen. She was full of life, love, and had big goals. But soon she was to discover that life isn?t what you planned. She had to see that her destiny was to experience abuse, heartache, hurt, depression, diseases, and loss.

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Writing this book was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. It is based on real-life events of struggles and triumphs that had to be re-lived over and over until the chapters were finished. I?m eternally grateful for all those that have helped me and loved me through it all.

Please note: that although the series is based on real-life and true stories there are stories that have been fictionally dramatized for audience entertainment purposes only. The?story?is faithful to her experiences in the way that all creative nonfiction tries to recreate?stories?from memories as accurately as possible. The author has changed the characters’ names to protect identities and privacy. Events, locations and other are assumed to be fiction. Nothing written should be assumed as an autobiography to the author?s life.

Behind the Fake Smile - Jyl London

Behind the Fake Smile: One Woman?s Journey In Using Hellfire With Holy Water

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Behind Tear-Stained Eyes: Charting New Waters Filled With HellfireSignature-White - Jyl London


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Behind the Fake Smile is a fictional book based on real-life experiences. Chelsea navigates a world of abuse, heartache, hurt, depression, disease, and loss. She discovers immense strength at a young age when she realized that no matter how many times she was knocked down, she found the willpower to get back up and smile another day.

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Behind the Fake Smile - Jyl London - Cut Chapters - Chelsea's Childhood
Behind the FAKE Smile - Jyl London

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