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Jyl’s journey as a single mother and a two-time cancer survivor speaks volumes about her strength and resilience. She has triumphed over both thyroid cancer and cervical and uterine cancer, demonstrating her indomitable spirit. These battles have had a profound impact on Jyl’s outlook on life, particularly in terms of prioritizing her health and well-being. Motivated by her experiences, she has set and accomplished an impressive array of goals, including completing a marathon and excelling as a bodybuilder.

Jyl’s personal life has been defined by significant challenges, starting with becoming a teenage mother at 17 and later facing the formidable obstacles posed by her cancer diagnoses. However, her determination to overcome adversity has not only led her to persevere but also to achieve remarkable milestones. Jyl’s resilience and unwavering commitment to personal growth serve as a testament to her inspiring character.

Jyl London stands out from the crowd with her exceptional contributions as a woman in the IT field. Throughout her career, she has often been the sole female IT leader in the organizations she has worked with, although she acknowledges the growing representation of women at her current employer, TAB Bank. Jyl has embraced the opportunity to mentor her fellow female colleagues, recognizing the importance of supporting and empowering women in the industry. Her valuable advice for women in IT is rooted in understanding one’s own strengths and abilities. Jyl emphasizes that “Earning respect within an organization comes from recognizing and showcasing the unique skills and assets the person brings, ultimately leading to recognition and respect from others.”

To say Jyl London is driven and goal-oriented would be an understatement. She consistently sets ambitious goals and fearlessly pursues them. In an astonishingly short span of less than a decade, Jyl has achieved what many people never accomplish in a lifetime. Her list of past and future goals is nothing short of inspiring:

  1. By age 30, Jyl completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Phoenix and ran her first marathon.
  2. By age 35, she earned an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
  3. By age 40, Jyl completed a full marathon – the Ogden Utah Marathon.
  4. By age 45, she authored two novels about her life: “Behind the FAKE Smile” and “Behind Tear-Stained Eyes” (available on her author page:
  5. Before reaching the age of 50 (currently 48), Jyl has set the goal to learn a foreign language, actively engaging in daily foreign language training in Italian for over 430 days and counting. 
  6. In addition, Jyl accomplished her goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition, a feat she achieved on March 25, 2023

“Jyl’s unmatched ability to set and accomplish goals is having a huge impact on making banking better and easier for TAB Bank customers,” says Nilendu Saha, TAB Bank Chief Technology Officer. “She is also a great team leader who cheers on the accomplishments of employees and coaches them to reach their full potential.”

“When I think of Jyl, I think of the perfect workout buddy,” says Ally Gapinski, Product Owner at TAB Bank, who reports to Jyl. “Jyl is someone who gives it her all, which in turn provides an atmosphere that encourages those around her to push themselves, at the same time cheering them along. Her uplifting and positive attitude is contagious and a joy to be around. I feel extremely lucky to have such an incredible woman like Jyl as my boss!”

Jyl London is an exceptional individual whose professional success matches that in her personal life. Her career choice in IT continues to defy expectations, and she has proven herself as a true trailblazer.

Through the difficulties of life, Jyl’s professional life has brought stability. After short stints as a CNA and a Tax Examiner, she was hired by TaxWorks. Jyl started in customer service and was then asked to oversee the service desk, ultimately managing multiple people and departments. The company’s success led to its acquisition by H&R Block, where Jyl continued to grow her IT career. It was during her time at H&R Block that she obtained her master’s degree and completed numerous IT certificates. After 15 years at both companies, Jyl found her way to Western Governors University, where she served as the Director of IT Service Delivery, managing ten departments.

Since joining TAB Bank in 2019, Jyl has achieved remarkable success within a short span of time. In 2022 alone, she completed several significant projects, starting with the groundbreaking launch of TAB Flow. This unique rewards program helped transform the banking industry by providing customers with stock rewards based on their spending, introducing a new standard of benefits. In addition, Jyl led the development of an intuitive online and mobile banking platform that effortlessly integrates with outside applications, making account creation and management a seamless experience for users.

As a leader, Jyl embodies servant leadership, acting as a cheerleader for her team members and providing trust, support, and coaching when needed. Her leadership approach is characterized by empathy and learning from exemplary leaders while actively avoiding fear and intimidation. When training new leaders, Jyl emphasizes four progressions: tasking, follow-up, coaching, and supporting, enabling individuals to excel and mentor others.

“Since I met Jyl, she has been a role model that I have continuously looked up to,” says Ashleigh DellaLucia, Product Manager at TAB Bank, who reports to Jyl. “She is always motivating me to do better and helping me get there in any way she can. Now, as my boss, she has given me the confidence to know I can do anything I set my mind to, and the freedom to do it without judgment or limits.”

Jyl’s unparalleled work ethic is evident in her consistent perseverance and determination to overcome challenges. While she may not claim to be the smartest or have the most favorable circumstances, her unwavering dedication and strong work ethic have propelled her to success in both her personal and professional endeavors. Jyl London is truly deserving of recognition as a remarkable woman in her field.

Giving back to the community

Jyl’s dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional endeavors. She exemplifies her passion for helping others through her own nonprofit organization, The Love of Life Foundation. For over a decade, this foundation has tirelessly worked towards its mission of protecting the rights and well-being of every child. Jyl’s commitment to the cause has been unwavering, and the foundation has organized various events to support children in need, including fundraising initiatives to assist children battling cancer.

Recognizing the power of music to inspire and uplift, Jyl also volunteers for Music Makes Music, a group of talented singers who visit high schools to deliver impactful performances in a drug-free, alcohol-free, and bully-free environment, promoting positivity and resilience among students.

Jyl’s dedication to making a difference is further evident through her involvement as a team captain for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure and other significant events. By actively supporting breast cancer awareness and research, Jyl contributes to the collective efforts aimed at improving the lives of individuals affected by this disease.

Through her nonprofit work and volunteer commitments, Jyl demonstrates her profound compassion and determination to create a better world. Her selfless actions and involvement in these initiatives serve as an inspiration to others.

“Jyl inspires me every day to push my limits while continuing to set examples by pushing her own,” added DellaLucia. “I am honored to work with Jyl and can’t wait to see what she does next!”

Her leadership within her organization or in the community.

Jyl follows a leadership methodology that encompasses four progressions when she’s training people who are new to leadership roles.

  1. The first progression is tasking, wherein a leader actively engages with team members who are just embarking on a project, providing guidance and support, especially when they may still be acclimating to their responsibilities.
  2. The next level is follow-up, where leaders ensure that work is completed promptly and meets high-quality standards by consistently checking in on progress.
  3. The third level is coaching, as leaders offer support and provide ideas to address challenges and roadblocks that team members may encounter.
  4. Lastly, Jyl’s leadership approach emphasizes supporting those individuals who excel within her organization, empowering them to become role models and mentors for others.

By nurturing and assisting these standout individuals, Jyl ensures that their expertise is effectively shared, benefiting the entire team. It has worked. 

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