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Behind the Fake Smile

By: Jyl London

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"Behind the Fake Smile - A novel that is intimate and magical, funny, searing and visionary"

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Jyl London is an Information Technology nerd that in her spare time likes to meet, greet, and interact with fellow quirky humans.

She is a recovering people pleaser that just wants to live in the clouds with unicorns, family, her dog, and her friends.

Her agent doesn’t like that bio, so she wrote this. Believe either:

Jyl is the Author and Writer of Behind the Fake Smile and Behind Tear-Stained Eyes. A book series based on her actual real-life events. She is also the CEO and President of several companies and the Founder of the Love of Life (LOL) Foundation, a non-profit organization.

She has worked in IT for over 29 years and has a zest for knowledge in all things technology.

As you read her books, you will discover that her life experiences are that of a soap opera mixed with a little fairytale.

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